Friday, January 19, 2007

The weekend starts here

I shall be away this weekend, along with fellow members of the vast left-wing conspiracy. We are attending a social democratic/democratic socialist training camp at a secret location deep in the bush. To save you having to read right-wing blogs, I have set some homework.

1. Compare 14 points of Fascism from Old American Century with Umberto Eco's Eternal Fascism: Fourteen ways of looking at a blackshirt.

2. Consider these aspects of Fascism in relation to the policies and activities of religious conservative groups in New Zealand.

Please write your answers on one side of the screen.


Anonymous said...

Paul and team

While on subject of summer reading, here is a potential gold mine in the making in this Year of the Atheist:

Anonymous said...

Er, identical views on abortion and homosexuality, you mean? Yes, I had noticed...

Craig Y.

Er, identical anti-abortion and anti-gay views, you mean? Yes, I had noticed...

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link:

It looks like an allegation that the Exclusive Brethren was essentially "money laundering" for the Liberal Party in Australia.

I am sure noone would suggest such a thing would be going on in New Zealand, even though there is surprise that even the EBs could lay their hands internally on $1 million plus to pamphlet the whole country etc.

Anonymous said...

Fundies at Fundies Festival:

It looks like those experts in impartial chairmanship, the MAXIM INSTITUTE, is hosting another forum - most appropriately at the PARACHUTE Festival.

As we all know Maxim Institute is an independent think tank - well known for the high standard of its research into important social issues in NZ. Yeah right.

I would expect to see more of "Hot Air" variety of aviation than Parachutes at this festival. It should all go up like a lead balloon!!

Same old story as far as I can see. Right wing fundy organisation setting the agenda; political parties of right AND LEFT feeling obliged to work to the agenda.

Nicky Hager would probably in fact classify Maxim Institute as part of the Public Relations industry. i.e. An organisation that exists to promote views of its financial backers - enabling those backers to preserve their anonymity. Maxim does feature in "The Hollow Men" as a cooperating partner for National in the last election.

Anonymous said...

Here is the lastest example of Maxim Institute's "research" philosophy.

Somehow they have managed to conclude that the promotion of social justice has more to do with individuals becoming active in the community, and writing letters - than anything else!

If such a community group is somehow under the influence of the Maxim Institute, I would argue strongly that the cause of social justice is NOT being served.

Here is a summary of the concept of social justice in Wikipedia:

"Social justice is both a philosophical problem and an important issue in politics. It can be argued that everyone wishes to live in a just society, but different political ideologies have different conceptions of what a 'just society' actually is. The term 'social justice' itself tends to be used by those ideologies who believe that present day society is highly unjust - and these are usually left-wing ideologies, advocating a more extensive use of democracy and income redistribution, a more egalitarian society. The right-wing has its own conception of social justice, but generally believes that it is best achieved through the operation of a free market, and the promotion of philanthropy and charity. Both right and left tend to agree on the importance of rule of law, human rights, and some form of a welfare safety net (though the left supports this to a greater extent than the right)."

So in a ham-fisted fashion, and with anything but a random sample in their small survey..

Maxim in emphasising that volunteering and writing letters has received strongest consensus regarding how social justice is to be promoted. Therefore ... well therefore nothing useful is known.

But Maxim seem to be promoting the idea that since there is strongest consensus around an extreme right wing view of social justice, we all want an extreme right wing government!!!!

Anonymous said...

But the main conclusion of the report is completely irrelevant and stupid anyway. Here are the words of Maxim:

"While there were a range of opinions about social justice and what it was, there was greatest unanimity about the contribution individuals can make to a socially just society. The most common answers, regardless of which form of social justice was emphasised, were:

(a) some variation of participate, volunteer, get involved in the community (society) in which you live;

(b) talk about it, be vocal, protest, write letters, discuss social justice with family, friends, and neighbours;

(c) treat others as you would like to be treated (or some other variation of this statement); and

(d) get educated and informed about social justice issues. The answer to this question reflected the greatest degree of consensus; the sample was agreed that individuals can make an impact in working towards a socially just society."

These are just the standard methods any individuals employ to become active about anything they believe in!!! How can it be so remarkable to say that those surveyed between them managed to complete a list as comprehensive as this????

Maxim is in dream world again. The extreme right has always advocated that we can get a fair society if everybody does their bit in some anarchic fashion. They claim that it is social engineering to legislate away the prejudices of social engineering in earlier generations.

The lengths Maxim go to, to make just one simple point - THEIR FINANCIAL BACKERS DO NOT LIKE LABOUR LED GOVERNMENTS! Guys - just send a letter to the Editor and say that - no need for all this deceptive and meaningless research charade. Cut out Maxim, the middle man.

I hope Maxim get hammered for the quality of this piece of work. I wonder who will do it though? That's right I know who might look at it ... Paul Litterick of the Fundy Post.

As an observation .. the timing of this piece of writing from the Maxim Institute will be no coincidence. They will probably be the first to call for nominations for School Boards again at the March elections, providing "independent" facilitation of candidate acceptable to them in some way or other.


Samuel said...


For those who're worried about Bush's Messiah complex... this man has launched a bid for the GOP presidential nomination for 2008.

Here's where I got the headsup:

And the candidate's own personal webpage:

Good times.

Sam Finnemore

Paul said...

Sam, there are times when I think the Buffalo Beast makes up stuff, then I realise that America really is that strange.

As for Social Justice, there is a story to be told. Watch this space.

Samuel said...

Did you ever chance upon the Rapture Ready Bulletin Board? Once again, good (end) times.