Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Staff sacked daily on these premises

Subway bloggers

This blog is joining the broad coalition of bloggers who have vowed not to eat at Subway until further notice. The boycott is because a Subway franchise fired a young employee for giving a friend a soft drink and then took the matter to the Police. We really ought to be boycotting the Police as well, because they took the matter to court; crime obviously does not happen in Dunedin.

Another reason to boycott Subway is for reasons of Aesthetic preference. Subway is introducing a new interior design style, called Tuscany. This is how it is described in the brochure for potential franchisees:
Throughout our growth we’ve strived to keep our brand image fresh. This includes the look of our restaurants, which has evolved into our most recent design, Tuscany décor. We set out to develop a décor that would reinforce the fact that SUBWAY® food is healthy and great tasting. We also needed a décor that would convey to customers that SUBWAY® restaurants are family dining destinations: warm and inviting – fast casual, not fast food. Welcome to Tuscany. To find the “feel” we were looking for, we turned to the family background and Italian heritage of our co-founder Fred DeLuca, and the Tuscany region of Italy. The Tuscan region of Italy is know for its earthy tones, and vibrant flora. Vines of tomatoes and green shrubbery grace the sides of the brown stone and brick structures. The scents and flavors in the air complement the cultural and artistic variety that is truly Tuscany. Although many Tuscan structures were built as far back as the 15th century, they have stood the test of time because of the quality materials such as stone, marble and brick used to build them. This beauty, warmth and resilience embodied in those materials, were the inspiration of Tuscany décor.

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harvestbird said...

Such interiors are surely something of a waste of time in Dunedin, where at least one restaurant is run by at least one actual Tuscan.