Sunday, May 03, 2009


Chaps, chapesses, please stop what you are doing and check your pantries, right away: if you are missing a cake, Ashburton Police would like to hear from you.

Sometimes, people from Overseas ask me why I live in New Zealand, since nothing happens here. I reply, that is why I live here: nothing happens here. Things happen in places like Bosnia, where (I am sure) the papers would not have space to tell of an escaped convict and cake-user.

On another topic, is this the best song ever? Answers on a postcard to the usual address:


Giovanni said...

I remember a few years ago a couple of days after Christmas the dompost had this massive headline about engine trouble on the Arahura ferry. A friend who had been on said ship reported afterwards that it had barely been regarded as front page news on the Arahura itself.

HORansome said...

Given that it's New Zealand Music Month I propose K'Lee's '1+1+1, It Ain't Two.' It may not be great, it may not be brilliant, it may not be music, but its very existence is a hallmark by which all New Zealand Music can, nay should, be measured.

Paul said...

You are not Robyn Gallagher in your spare time, by any chance?

Moz said...

Love the song, this version sounds a bit muddy to me. I prefer the original single release.

Best song though has to be Soggy Porrige's "Slurp Track".

Moz said...

D'oh, Soggy Porridge, album Slurp Track, and my fav track is "How can I tell You".

Gosh, my memory is awful these days. My misspent youth is just a fading memory.