Tuesday, March 09, 2010

News from Northwich

Although the name The Charlatans was used when original members of the band were located in the West Midlands, many sources state that they formed in Northwich, Cheshire. This is because the band relocated to the home town of new lead singer Tim Burgess (who lived in Northwich) before the release of The Charlatans' debut single "Indian Rope" in 1990 on the band's own Dead Dead Good Records label. This means that, based on the definition of the hometown used by Guinness World Records, the band formed in Northwich and consequently Northwich is recorded as their home town in "Guinness World Records: British Hit Singles and Albums."
It's that Wikipedia feeling: the uncanny sense that an entry has been amended by some pedantic nerd who wants the world to know he knows something the world does not, something which he will express in his own way.

Still, cracking good band, even if they did wear raincoats indoors:

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