Saturday, December 04, 2010

One for the ladies

Hucknall, who grew up in Manchester, was abandoned by his mother at the age of three and he says that his sexual promiscuity was an attempt to recapture the intimacy he had lost as a young child.
I am grateful to the estimable Mr David Cohen for drawing my attention to this travesty. Mr Hucknall's three-a-day habit may or may not be true, but his telling of it confirms him as a twerp. There was no need to apologise, but sorry does not seem to be the hardest word when it is employed as an opportunity to brag.

I think it was Michael Douglas who devised this particular kind of celebrity apology, when he told the world about the treatment for his sex addiction. Others apologise for the spending habits or their drug habits, but the message is always the same: "I am an alpha person; I get too much of what you can only desire, little people."

Photograph by Jenny Wicks. Next up: David Thomas and the Two Pale Boys perform Surfer Girl.

Another rendition can be found on the Meadville album, in which Mr Thomas tells of the tour in which Pere Ubu supported Kool and the Gang.


Robyn said...

I bet Simon Le Bois absolutely pissing himself at this news.

Robyn said...

Argh - weirdest autocorrect ever - that should be Simon Le Bon.

Paul said...
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Boganette said...

Who would have sex with Mick Hucknell? Gosh, even I wouldn't.

Uroskin said...

3 a day? An average gay score.