Sunday, May 09, 2010

Blade on the feather

The extraordinary thing  about Mr Clegg is that he has to think about it. He has a choice between a party which at least has a history of progressive politics, if not a present of same, and this lot:

Yet Mr Clegg is giving consideration to a coalition with Spandau Ballet, despite their offer of nothing more than a grand commission of inquiry into the proportional representation thing, the very thing which is the most important thing to the Liberal Democrats. Parson Brown is at least prepared to offer a referendum.

Me, I don't think anyone really wants to work with anyone else. Worse still, I don't think anyone really wants to be Prime Minister, apart from Gordon Brown - and he only wants the job to spite Tony Blair. Everyone else knows that the next decade will be hideous for Britain and will destroy the reputation of anyone who has the misfortune to be PM, as well as making his party unelectable for the next quarter century (assuming that there will be another quarter century, given the nukes and the global warming and the disappearing bees).

If they had any sense, they would agree to give the job to that woman from the Greens. Let her scrap Trident and regulate the banks; that should keep her busy for the first day at No 10. Then she will have to deal with the debt crisis, the education crisis, the chav crisis and all the other crises. Whilst she does all that, the major parties can get on with doing what they enjoy most: fighting amongst themselves.

Subway Sect:


sas said...

william hague is currently on radio 4 talking about innovation in government. which is quite funny given that it seems there will be no women in cabinet. or anyone that isn't white.
*dramatic sigh*

Paul said...

SaS dearest, I am old enough to remember when William Hague was the 13 year-old toryboy who spoke at the Conservative Party Conference, much to the approval of Margaret Thatcher. It pleases me somewhat to see how much he has aged.

It is funny how profoundly anti-woman organisations are so proud of having one woman at the top at one time, while failing to give women positions in the middle or for the present. I am thinking here of the Anglican church in New Zealand and the National Party as much as the Conservatives.

At least Labour had Lord Adonis, a bona fide figure from Greek mythology, albeit one who turned a girl into a tree.