Monday, January 20, 2020

Preservation blues

"Wynton Marsalis? I don't know about him, man. But I know he doesn't talk like that when we're alone together. 'Preserve this' and 'preserve that’– the way they're going we'll have blacks back on the plantation. I mean, it already is preserved. Isn't that what records are all about? 
"I just tell people it's like this: I can't wear bell-bottom pants anymore. And I don't drive an Edsel. I drive a Ferrari."

 Mark Rowland, "Miles Davis Is a Living Legend and You're Not,” Musician, May 1987, 90.

Cited in Drifting On A Read: Jazz As A Model For Literary And Theoretical WritingBy James Michael Jarrett. PhD thesis, University Of Florida, 1988, Page 59.

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Reno, Nevada

Fairport Convention, 1968. Richard Thompson (19) playing his Grimshaw GS30; Ian MacDonald (later known as Ian Matthews), Judy Dyble, Simon Nicol, Tyger (Ashley) Hutchings and Martin Lamble.