Saturday, May 01, 2010

Here comes the mirror man

Yesterday, Key took off again for the Middle East where a free-trade deal with the powerful Gulf States is to be signed. Eighty business people - who have paid the thick end of $20,000 each to go on the trip - will be present. There has been muted criticism that he broke from the trip to come back for the funeral of the three airmen who died on Anzac Day.
Bloody hell,
Fran, these people paid good money for their seats on the gravy train; they don't expect the conductor to go off home for a photo-op.

Fran O'Sullivan's herald pieces are required reading. She seems to have so much inside information and she is not bashful about telling it. But who are these business people and to whom did they pay the money?

We have more chance of learning that than of finding Mr Key's over-arching narrative. Things are much better now and just a nagging doubt remains, as the old song goes.

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