Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The coldest winter I ever spent

The crew was practicing yoga inside the farm's main house one day when someone spotted a herd of deer in the neighboring field. They grabbed a rifle and camera and ran outside, Dickson said. Actor Paul Manza, a 34-year-old Brooklyn yoga instructor who plays "Paul" the yoga instructor in the film and had no prior acting or hunting experience, pulled the trigger. It was unclear who owned the rifle or whether it was registered.
This is like, so real. The naive Brooklyn hipsters making the naive Brooklyn hipster movie about naive Brooklyn hipsters learning to survive in the wild after an apocalyptic event learn that they cannot just do whatever they fucken want.

"It was actually pretty horrible," said Manza. "I was forced to see what life was really made of, the weight and the value of things."

Can we just reference the final Seinfeld episode here? No? An album by Swans you've never heard? Ok, let's do that.


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