Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Romans of the Decadence

No, me neither; what is wrong with that photograph?

Is it the lighting, the empty plastic bottle, the uncomfortable look on little Ottoline Cavendish's face as her mother applies a friendly Heimlich Manoeuvre? Are any of these symbolic of our folly?

 No, none of the above. It turns out, on reading the article, that the symbolic photo is one of something called a Kardashian, a photo so symbolic that the Independent must have thought it unpublishable.

 Some late news -  here is Stereolab, singing about a painting on a cardboard box. You see, the painting is a trompe l'oeil, but it confesses willingly that it is a painting; this is a bit rum, because a trompe l'oeil by its natures does not appear to be a painting. However as Stereolab put it, "an intimate spectacle gives the idea of the game and the humor, spectacle that rhymes, that arouses on the eyes a flash, a discovery, an idea that can play tricks, a muse, admittedly, gives the idea of the game and the mystery." 

Oh, please yourselves; it is a beautiful song, whatever it means

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