Saturday, March 28, 2015

Traps That Lurk in Bathrooms

"Toreadora" is the arresting title of another unusual article in this week's "New Zealand Woman's Weekly." It is the story of the world's only girl bull-fighter, who tells, in her own words, what it feels like to face a furious animal in the ring. Among articles of special New Zealand interest is an interview with a very modest woman, who lives quietly in Wanganui, but is an artist of international fame. How the Girl Guides' Coronation message to the King is being carried throughout the length and breadth of the Dominion before it is presented to the Governor-General for forwarding to His Majesty is the subject of another page of story and picture. And "Spanish Mission" describes another charming modern New Zealand private home. Film fans will find a new William Powell revealed by a contributor, who tells of the women whom he has helped behind the scenes to success. Clark Gable discourses on his ideals of beauty, and helpful hints are given on how to achieve the desired effects. Sauces are the subject of the cooking page, and the knitting pages offer more attractive designs for the colder weather that is coming. "Traps That Lurk in Bathrooms" is another article in practical vein that should be read by every householder, since almost every household nowadays is electrically equipped, and this article deals with the special care that should be used in bathrooms,  where dampness is liable to cause accidents that would not occur in ordinary circumstances. Readers have the choice of nine free patterns this week, and also the chance of participating in novel competitions, for which £10 in cash prizes is being given every week.

Auckland Star
8 April 1937
Page 26

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