Thursday, February 07, 2013

Whatever happened to...


Permitting a girl as young as 11 to have an abortion without her parents’ knowledge is a form of child abuse, Maxim Institute told a select committee hearing today. 
The provision is contained in Section 37 of the Care of Children Bill. 
Maxim researcher John McNeil told the hearing into the Bill that there is growing evidence worldwide that abortion has significant health risks, at least as great as those which are now being recognised in the case of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).


      A Christchurch Christian journalist has admitted making intimate videos of a student at home and a 5-year-old girl at a church expo. 
John Raymond McNeil, 67, was granted home detention at his Christchurch District Court sentencing, but his internet access will be blocked as part of the sentence. 
He was found with 1000 child-pornography images on his computer, which he had viewed on the internet, and three videos he had made. 
He had admitted three charges of making intimate visual recordings and 40 charges of possessing objectionable publications - images and stories. 

Update: yes, sceptics, John McNeil of Maxim and John McNeil of Challenge Weekly are one and the same; Dave at Big News told us that he had moved from the one to the other, back in 2006.


Deborah said...

Hmmm... it's not an uncommon name, so is it certain that it's the same person?

Stephen Stratford said...

What Deborah said. But it wouldn't be a surprise, would it.

Anonymous said...

I found this blog which has some interesting items in it. One was decrying the denigration of men as potential child molesters:

"A few years ago, the mere suggestion that a man on a plane could be a likely child molester, would have been greeted with derision. Now, however, not only has the concept been taken seriously by the airlines, but some public servants – including the Commissioner for Children - have said it’s a good idea. Stuart Birks, Director of the Centre for Public Policy Evaluation at Massey University, explores the emergence of this worrying trend towards the denigration of men."

The writer said he had been in communications for 40+ years, and that was in 2005. So he would be ... Mid 60s?


Paul said...

Yes, one and the same. I have updated the post.

Anonymous said...

Any addiction is a tragedy - a tragedy for all concerned, even the addict. Of course his actions were completely wrong.

Why do you think he hated this so much? Because he hated himself so much and wanted to be stopped.

Paul said...

I agree.