Thursday, February 22, 2007

Media hoard

So, you are wondering what are the top 100 words used in New Zealand newspapers today. Wonder no more, because here is the Ruminator, a service from the man who brings you Spleen. Just click on a word and find where it is used.


Anonymous said...

Like previous subscriber, I am interrupting transmission to tell of this link:

which in turn leads you to this link.

We learn that Maxim has been at it again. Have a look at their Social Justice Research paper (2nd link) and try not to laugh.

Sample Size 2-300

Sample Selection Via a Web Page link!

Sample Bias Well about half of em came from "University". Lots heard about it through word of mouth. Ha Ha.

Filtered findings: Seems that individuals wanting to act for social justice commonly like to write letters OR talk to people OR join a group. Yes we know that Maxim!!! Keep on encouraging them won't you.

If you wanted to get your road resealed you would do much the same thing.

I would challenge Maxim to get this research peer-reviewed and in any reputable social science journal. A sad indictment, given that the author of the paper seems to be employed by Universtiy of Canterbury.

Anyone for a seminar?


Stephen said...

Thanks for the linky love, Paul. Suggestions for features and improvements gratefully received.

Here is something for you.

Anonymous said...

Another rampant Baptist fundy?

Bye for now
Ornamental Jen