Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I see red

I don't get into the prophecy business usually, but important news has been foretold. Athol, a Catholic Jew (which possibly is a definition of beating yourself up) has heard the following message from God:
The red haired woman is soon to begin her rise again. She has much to suffer but I will be with her. She is my humble Warrior for Australia. She will lead my people in Australia. She will become Prime Minister in 2011 as I have foretold - do not doubt my word to you. Australia is about to enter the furnace of affliction - I will purify her with my Spirit. John Howard will step down and Peter Costello will have his chance but this will signal a time of turmoil in politics - the voice of my daughter Pauline will be the clear sound of warning for your nation.
Now, in the normal course of events I would be with her as well: I have something of a weakness for redheads. But this one is Pauline Hanson. So it would seem that John Howard's attempts to capture the fundy vote and Peter Costello's good works at Hillsong are to no avail. God is a small-minded racist bigot.

Mind you, if you had read the Old Testament you would know that already.


kingsten said...

If you're 18 or older, my blog may be of interest to you!

harvestbird said...

Dammit, if he hadn't specified the object of his prophecy I would have assumed he meant Patti Scialfa, who surely could transform the right in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the reviews Paul. Interesting and worrying. Seems the Aussies are lacking in the brains department after all.

Anonymous said...

Well, they do keep voting the Poison Dwarf back in...

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the Roman Catholic Church has a problem with free speech:


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