Sunday, February 25, 2007

Pretty fly for a white guy

The Exclusive Brethren now have a spokesman and he has been spoking. Apparently, the Elect Vessel, the Man of God, Mr Bruce Hales is not happy.
"He expresses regret for New Zealand," McCorkell reports. "He reckons that's just a nightmare. That's ridiculous. That's terrible … They went too far." What does he mean by that? "I think it was the hiring of private investigators, because it brought a bit of flak.
Also worthy of note is that, despite banning computers and mobile phones, Mr Hales chooses to fly by Cessna Citation.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to compare NZ scene with Australia below.

Now only a matter of time until the first of them end up in jail.

NZ Party Babe

Anonymous said...

its such a shame that irony is amongst the many things fundamentalists lack

Paul said...

If these people had a sense of humour, I would be out of business