Monday, January 28, 2008

Junk history

Junk history

In the Senior Service (that's the Royal Navy to you, mate; if you were a Mate, you'd know) submariners are regarded with suspicion. The officers of surface ships hold a disdain for submarine warfare on the grounds that it is somewhat unsporting. Moreover, those who go down under the sea in boats are thought of as either madmen or mercenaries, if not both: they are thought to be mad for wishing to spend months under water; they are thought to be mercenary for accepting the considerable financial inducements for doing so.

It comes as no surprise to discover that Gavin Menzies, the author of 1421, The Year China Discovered the World was a submariner. Maps has the lowdown on the book and comments from nutters.

Speaking of nutters, Red Confectionery has photos from the recent bloggers' drinks. Your bloggist was among that number.

Speaking of China, Britain has been swamped with crap.

Speaking of crypto-fascists and discovery, one leading member of the British National Party once made an art film involving gay frolics; old news but funny anyway and coming to us courtesy of wonkette.

Less amusing is the Southern Poverty Law Center's story of how the skinheads deal with problems in Arizona.

Elsewhere, Eric Olthwaite has some links to clever stuff.

If you are done with reading and thinking and stuff, you can always pray for France.


Chart Smart said...

NICE Blog :)

Miss Welby said...

:) Yes, it really is a very nice blog and I'd love to have a link from the Antipodes. I've already given you a link:visit me and see if you want to reciprocate. Ciao!

Sam Finnemore said...

Oh God, 1421... I got a copy from my lovely, lovely parents for Christmas 2004. It's still on the bookshelf at their place, unread (except for a few occasional dip-throughs which confirmed it is in fact nonsense).

Yet when I tell people I study Chinese history, the first book to get mentioned is... well.