Thursday, January 10, 2008

Some posts

This is what we want: quality cat blogging. Russell writes about Colin, much to the displeasure of Idiot/Savant.

George is warming to Labour and has furries on bikes, a clean and green approach to a bizarre fetish provided by popular beat combo Bat For Lashes.

Lyndon makes predictions.

Jarrod goes shopping.

Deborah takes on the Pope

Kakariki discoversmud stencils

Zoster finds a Hello Kitty assault rifle

Terence delves into the memory hole.

Peter designs a better bach.


Anonymous said...

Should some-one establish LOLCats
for Labour during this election...?


Jake said...

Not unless Labour really want us to know they've jumped the shark.

Anonymous said...

But LolCats are so cute, and also humorous. ie
"Gerry hs 8ten my chezburger!!!"
"Gerry! I iz not chezburger!!!"


Craig Y

Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Not spicy enough...