Thursday, January 24, 2008

Viral marketing

Conor sent me a video of a gorilla playing the drums. Apparently, it is supposed to make you want to buy chocolate.

The latest Colin video is now available.

Here is a traditional Scottish delicacy, a deep-fried Mars Bar:

Note: Scotland has one of the highest death rates from Coronary Heart Disease in the western world.


Robyn said...

That doesn't look like a foodstuff. It looks like a tumour.

stephen said...

Some years ago my daughter and I were in a fish and chip shop that sold deep-fried Mars bars. Hannah asked if we could have one. I demurred, saying it probably wouldn't be very nice, but then she said "Dad - you always say I have to try things even though I think I won't like them." Damn, hoisted on my own petard.

We had half each. I found that the heat and grease greatly intensified the sweetness, so that it was truly sickly. I couldn't have more than a bite. Hannah loved it.

Apparently the most significant source of vegetables in the average Glasgow diet is tomato sauce...

Paul said...

I am quite fond of the things, in moderation. Aucklanders can have them made at the chip shop in Mount Eden village.

I am relieved for Robyn's sake that I did not have a photo of a deep-fried mini-pizza.

Pamziewamzie said...

Mmmmmm deep fried mars bars.