Thursday, March 27, 2008

¡Gotta catch 'em all!

Right, let's get this over quickly and then we can all pretend it didn't happen. Here is Pokeclipse, a discussion board for people who believe in Pokemons. They believe not in the sense that they liek Mudkipz a lot but in the sense that they think the Pokemon world exists, in a universe parallel to our own.

I suppose our only consolation is that these people don't get out that often.


morgue said...

Bloody hell.

And I thought the people who believed in the Elf Holocaust were out of touch.

I mean, Jebus, at least those people who think 'The Matrix' is a real depiction of a parallel world picked something cool.

Fergus said...

Careful about this one, think its some kind of internal 4chan prank, someone pranking /b/ for once.

Peter in Dundee said...

People like this might not get out much, the really scary bit is: they can vote. Remember there is postal voting, so you don't even have to leave your pokemon alone to do it. Be afraid, be really afraid.

Anonymous said...

Damn. If they're in a parallel
universe, that means I can't hit Pikachu repeatedly with a baseball bat. Bugger.

Craig Y

Sam Finnemore said...

You didn't hear about the Digiclipse too? Google it. I shall not link to this particular shipment of fail.