Thursday, May 22, 2008

Different for girls

It turned me into a REAL MAN

If you've never realised your own potential for a fine attractive build... if you're not satisfied with the way your body looks and want a really masculine, handsome body - one that makes the chicks look twice and the other guys envious - then you owe it to yourself to put the Hercules Superdyne System to the test now.
I found this advertisement in the Listener: 24th January 1981, in case you want to make the other guys envious.

If you are wondering what had happened to real men, it seems they are in Kerikeri, where the Police know what to do: the men who harrass a woman go unpunished, while their victim, "not an unattractive looking lady," is taken to the station.

Meanwhile in Christchurch, Mayor Bob Parker gets coy. Having attended a party for online women's magazine Slynkey and handed out prizes which included a vibrator, Mayor Parker then objects to a photo of the presentation being posted on Slynkey's web site."It was perhaps a lapse in taste and judgment by the designer of the site," says Parker; obviously it was not a lapse of taste and judgement by the Mayor, who describes the vibrator as a "prize of a dubious nature."

And finally, Mr Brown tells of this week's Media7. This blogeur attended the making of said programme and learned that Girlfriend magazine is far from coy. You can see Russell talking about sex with women (perhaps that would be better phrased as talking with women about sex) here

And here is Joe Jackson:

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HORansome said...

Having only just got Freeview last night was the first time I watched Media 7. It probably wasn't a very good episode to start with; Russell looked like a watchdog of moral conservatism in re the editorial overwatch of 'Girlfriend' and I was... well, perturbed to see Peebles on the show, knowing her only as one of the many things wrong with the weekend supplement to the Saturday Herald.