Thursday, May 15, 2008

Scenes from clerical life

My pursuit of happiness, knowledge and a PhD has taken me to the NZ Listener, in the back issues of which I am now fossicking. My purpose is to find articles about Architecture but constantly I am diverted by items like this one, a letter from the issue of 6th September 1980:
Sir- I do appreciate art, and I like Salvador Dali's imaginativeness. But can't I buy the Listener (August 9) without having to shove one of his nudes under the shopgirl's nose, and exhibit it in the lounge for a week? Art is art, and nudes can be culturally enriching, but I still don't want to have one displayed on the coffee-table when visitors arrive.

(Rev) Ray Galvin
Speaking of the pursuit of happiness, a few weeks back I was making my way to the library when I saw a message chalked on the footpath. It said just that: "the pursuit of happiness", in large colourful letters. My heart missed a beat: or a moment I thought that Canada's finest had reformed to play on campus. Then I realised the message was a advertisement for a meeting of the local stealth-evangelical group, Student Life. Bastards. Here is a song and a video of which they would not approve:

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Fergus said...

Ah the old Student Life bait and switch, you should have seen their tricks down here a few years ago.
1. Put up posters replete with LGBT logos and an innocuous slogan for their meeting
2. Invite ex-gay advocate to lecture to said meeting
3. Watch the thing explode in ones own face and receive a sound bollocking for one's deception while trying to deny or spin it

There was another hilarious incident with the head of everyone's favourite educational charity at one of their meetings.

They're really quite annoying little creeps.