Thursday, February 26, 2009

Antisocial networking

In which Ryanair, the budget airline, shows that good manners are not part of its web strategy.


Richard T said...

If you don't regularly watch UK TV, you probably will have missed the standard response from Tony O'Reilly (Boss of Ryanair) to any complaints about his airline. They inevitably 'go well they want f***ing cheap flights so what the f**K are they whining about'. He's a real star. No punches pulled there (unlike me for fear of offending sesntivities)

sas said...

They are bastards.
I will never fly them again.

Peter in Dundee said...

Richard T you forgot that that when he isn't saying that he is complaining that the Irish, British or EU governments aren't falling over backwards and turning their economies and rules entirely to the sole benefit of RyanAir.

Giovanni said...

I for one find it refreshing.