Sunday, February 15, 2009

The new pornographers

It's not easy beeing teen: Newsweek reports on the phenomenon of sexting and its enemies. The solution to the problem of children making nude photographs of themselves is to make those children child sex offenders.

Meanwhile, in another part of Pennsylvania, a teenage girl is sent down for three months, for setting up a fake Myspace page. Why? Because the judge was getting a kickback from the correctional facility.

Back home, the Sensible Sentencing Trust contrives to strain the quality of mercy to within an inch of its life: one the once hand, the trust accuses those civil liberties types of causing panic and alarm with their talk of invasions of privacy, breaches of human rights and a police state. Says Garth McVicar, in bold type: "If some thug steals or trashes our property, rapes or maims – or worse still murders someone – they should have the book thrown at them" adding that he doesn't "give a toss if getting tough on criminals and crime upsets civil libertarians." But then Garth reveals his kinder, gentler side when it comes to someone like himself: teen-killer Bruce Emery.

Kids: can't live with them, can't kill them. No wonder the world is going to Hell in a handbasket.


Anonymous said...

Well this very Sunday afternoon my spouse and I were proceeding home from having patronised a nice public house. On a narrow footpath we were approached by three teenaged persons of a male persuasion, one of whom had a bicycle. On espying us they proceeded in unison to vacate the footpath allowing us to proceed unhindered. I shan't therefore hear a word said against modern yoof.

Lyndon said...

Garth: "They seem to conveniently forget that these laws will only affect those who break the law"

Expect the innocent people subject to an involuntary medical procedure when they've been charged with something. And no doubt some people only breaking the law because the new laws makes new things illegal.

I might have remarked on that one earlier, expect I couldn't get excited by a "Garth McVicar Lack Credibility" headline.