Monday, February 23, 2009

Go away

I really, really wanted to blackout this blog, like all the cool kids are doing today. But I could not figure out how to do it, at least not without deleting this blog for good.

So, can we all pretend that this blog is blacked out? Just shut your eyes. No, don't; that's silly. Instead, don't read anything today. Come back tomorrow. Go on; it's for creative freedom.


Lyndon said...

If you're still game what i did was

- copied the source code of what I saw when I went to scoop

- pasted that at the top of my template

- and commented out everything that was there before
putting the angle-bracket ! dash dash at the start and the dash dash bracket at the end

I would do that in characters but it won't let me. But it should be easy to fix.

Julie said...

Even lower tech, and easier to reverse is to go to the Fonts and Colours section of Layout and pick black for all the colours, or as many as you want (I changed the background colours and the text to black). Then you just need to change them back after 12noon, and you could even use the opportunity to experiment with some different colours!

Dave said...

If you ever want to do it again get hold of me. I did it with a one line tag in the template.

Paul said...

Thank you, chaps and chapess. I shall know whom to ask in the event of further protests.

Lita said...

This post needs to come with a warning and an expiry date. I nearly left just now, all for blimmin creative freedom's sake.