Saturday, February 28, 2009

Great moments in Dutch rock 'n' roll, #1

Shocking Blue, Venus, with primate and invisible keyboards player. Bet you didn't know they were Dutch.


Anonymous said...

holy crap... that's awesome.

the country and western lead break was... outstanding.

but why did they have a thunderbird puppet as the lead singer?

Robyn said...

Bet you didn't know they were Dutch.

Well, I read every issue of Smash Hits in '87 and '88, so when Bananarama had their hit with Venus, ver Hits did not hesitate to remind readers that not only was it a cover, but one originally done by a Dutch group. (That's enough - Ed.)

Uroskin said...

Shocking Blue was one Dutch band that had a #1 hit in the States. Name the other one.

Paul said...

Somebody? Anybody? Focus? Golden Earring?