Monday, February 02, 2009

Idle vice

Craig Y demands proof that Bishop Williamson dislikes the Sound of Music. Fair enough; if it is proof you want, proof you shall have:
Clean family edification? Nothing of the kind! Can you imagine this Julie Andrews staying with the Captain if 'the romance went out of their marriage'? Would she not divorce him and grab his children from him to be her toys? Such romance is not actually pornographic but all the elements of pornography are there, just waiting to break out. One remembers the media sensation when a few years later Julie Andrews appeared topless in another film. That was no sensation, just a natural development for one rolling canine female.
Clearly, the Bishop has some difficulty discerning the difference between fact and fiction, and not of the usual kind that afflicts people who believe that one tiny little wafer can turn into the flesh of their demi-god. Most of us know that Maria von Trapp and Julie Andrews are not the same person, but Bishop Andrews cannot grasp this distinction, nor that between Ms Andrews and Sally Farmer in S.O.B. They are all the same canine woman. The further subtlety of the relationship between the reputation of Sally Farmer and that of Julie Andrews would be probably to complex to explain to the Bishop. It would be advisable to keep him away from Nativity plays.

Meanwhile, speaking of Alps, the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer in Christchurch (a blogging Order, it would seem) have expressed their disapproval of Bishop Williamson for his appearance on Swedish Television, where he again presented his "revisionist" theories of the Holocaust. The Sons also note that it is claimed that Bishop Williamson is not merely a dirty little Wykehamist, but also a Rosicrucian and one of the Plymouth Brethren: "According to a French sedevacantist, Bishop Williamson's coat of arms has Rosicrucian symbolism and he is part of a Masonic plot to bring the world under the dominion of an 'illuminist, apocalyptic, Darbyist sect' i.e. the Plymouth Brethren!"

Should you wish to make a donation to the Sons in recognition of their bold stand, account details are on their blog: "Name of Account- Transalpine Redemptorists."

It really is quite difficult keeping abreast of all this.


Anonymous said...

I stand corrected.

To change the subject- apparently, the inhabitants of Salzburg are damned tired of all the kitschy SoM merchandise, and want their city remembered for Mozart.

Oh, and apparently, there are night time rent boys active in one of the parks where SoM was filmed.

Craig Y.

Giovanni said...

"Rolling canine female". The man is all class, isn't he? But I think you overstate the case vis-a-vis the distinction between actor and role. Andrews' turn in SOB (which was directed by her husband, it will be recalled) was an explicit attempt to divorce her image from that of Maria and Mary Poppins, so that she could be cast in other roles as well. All that it netted her was the lead in Victor/Victoria, as far as I can recall (and it was another Edwards film).

On an unrelated note: whenever we get a new edition of the Yellow Pages, I always check out the Transalpine Redemptorists section first.

Giovanni said...

Oh, and the post's title? Bravo, sir.

Uroskin said...

Salzburg's cable TV system (in most hotels) has a dedicated SoM channel playing the movie 24/7.
To be fair, there is also a Mozart movie channel available.