Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The purpose driven wife

Did you, like me, feel more than a little uncomfortable that Rick Warren said a little prayer at Barack Obama's inauguration? It spoilt things for me: not just that there should be a prayer at all, but that it should be delivered by someone who is not exactly a friend of the Family. Surely Pres. Obama knows that it is for moments like this one that God gave America Episcopalians - nice, educated, non-threatening Christians, who do not necessarily believe in Her but at least are the sort of people who would be welcome in your book club.

Anyway, as it turns out, it is not just gays who ought to have a problem with the Pastor. In his church (called Saddleback, a name which possibly evinces some suppressed homoeroticism; these things usually go together like a horse and cowboy), attitudes to wives are less than progressive.

Bartholemew has more to say on the subject.

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