Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Your own private Idaho

Cherl Petso, an editor of an online magazine who lives in Seattle, says trips to visit her parents in Idaho can be “tense at times,” in part because she and her mother interpret each other’s choices as judgmental.

If Ms. Petso prepares a vegan meal for the family, her parents prepare hot dogs to go alongside. Her parents serve on throwaway Styrofoam plates; she grabs a plate that can be cleaned and reused. Her mother, who says she prefers the way food tastes when it is served on Styrofoam, notes that washing dishes has its own environmental costs.
Green disputes, from the NYT.

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Grace Dalley said...

Glad the NYT is keeping us informed on the important issues.

Interesting to compare the German approach, "ignorance is no excuse: brochures are available from local authorities, or you can just ask one of your neighbors. As a general rule, everything is recycled in Germany. If you ever find yourself struggling to know what goes where, simply ask a neighbor: Germany is home to more than 80 million professional trash sorters!"

from http://www.newcomers-network.de/germany/newcomers-guide/housing/recycling_rules.php