Friday, June 25, 2010

It's not the Tolley, it's the tenure

The real problem here though, is not the national standards but the teachers themselves. I might support the Education Minister's campaign to shake up the arrogant antiquated teachers union with its tenure for all, but damned if I want my small daughter being collateral damage. Tolley may have imposed national standards on them but when it comes to our kids, teachers still hold all the power.
No, no, the real problem here is that none of this makes sense. The Tolley imposes the standards yet the teachers who don't want the standards still have the power. The arrogant antiquated teachers union - the union for arrogant antiquated teachers - has tenure for all. The principal does not understand the principle - that Deborah's five-year-old is so, so special.

It is all zhuzhed up: the language, the truth, the logic. There should be a name for this sort of thing. We could call it a hillcone.

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Danyl said...

We could call it a hillcone.

I like the neologism but feel it needs a more technical definition. Like:

Hillcone (noun). Newspaper columnist whose area of expertise is his or her own boundless ignorance.