Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The empty page

In response to a previous post, a reader from Morningside asked for moar. Samuel, here is some moar.

Readers of course will be following the discussion chez Dentith, of Celts, Fascists and Satanists. For those who have not been paying attention, it goes like this: Martin Doutré, a conspiracy theorist, believes that the Celts, the woad and coracles people from Europe, discovered these islands long before Polynesians got here. He also has some connexion with Kerry Bolton, a local fascist luminary. Mr Bolton is also a Satanist, according to a Masters Thesis by one Roel van Leeuwen. The University of Waikato is reviewing this thesis after complaints by Mr Bolton. The thesis is also the subject of sustained attack by a blog called Satanism in New Zealand, which reprints parts of it.

Here is one such part, in which Mr van Leeuwen speculates on the meaning of the name assumed by one local Satanist:
‘Thorsten Moar’ is not so easy to unravel, but it can be speculatively suggested that it is based on the etymology of Thorsten as a traditional Scandinavian name meaning “Hammer of Thor” and Moar being a contraction of ‘more’ and ‘roar’ and used on the internet as an expression of frenzy and passion...
I put on my robe and wizard hat, to speculatively suggest a more simple explanation:


Jake said...

Someone really needs to let Dentith and his mate in on the conspiracy of historians and archaeologists that has been suppressing the truth about the early-European population of New Zealand. Their going around the place claiming 'there is no conspiracy' is getting a bit embarrassing.

The problem is, though, that Doutre et al have got the wrong end of the stick. We're not hushing all this evidence up to enact our politically correct plan to give the country to the Maori. We're hushing it all up because, if the truth came out, we might have to give the place to the Irish.

Samuel said...

Moar has been delivered. I am pleased. Thank you.

@Jake - reminds me of that brilliantly unhinged letter that James Belich once received and stuck to his office door for a few years, which basically labeled the Republican Irish as the source of all discord in modern NZ.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul. More Roar! Moar! (ROFLMAO)