Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Questions for written answer

Not that I voted in the referendum: it was a silly question, so I refused to answer it.
Should a smack as part of good parental correction be a criminal offence in New Zealand?
Well, of course not: why should anything that is part of something good be a criminal offence? Stands to reason, doesn't it? But then again, what is good parental correction? And is a smack part of same? And are we talking about smacks exclusively, given that the No campaign's poster thugs included a man who repeatedly pushed his seven year-old son to the ground because the wee chap refused to go on to the rugby field, and a man who punched his son in Christchurch?

And how is it that the proponent of this referendum is the No campaign, that the answer they wanted you to give to the question they proposed is No? People who campaign for change usually want you to answer Yes. But this campaign had nothing to offer, except fear.

And how is it that the proponent of a referendum question is allowed to set that question? Rather than having us spend $9 million answering loaded and incoherent questions, somebody in Parliament could be given the job of making a neutral and sensible question. Should not a referendum question have a clear and present purpose, to discover whether the People want a law changed?

And how is it that Larry Ballcock thinks he has the nation on his side, despite only half that nation voting? No, don't bother answering that.

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That Morthos Stare said...

You know, if you're going to criticise me for 'short snippets' I'm going to criticise you for start sentences with 'And.'

If I used smilies I would have appended one to the end of that last sentence.

But not to the end of that sentence.

Hmm, shouldn't start sentences with 'But' either.