Monday, October 05, 2009

Small earthquake in Glenfield: not many dead

At the next Qantas Media Awards, the clear favourite in the That's Rich Coming from Him category ought to be Chris de Freitas. In his opinion piece in today's Herald, The high cost of being unprepared, Prof de Freitas warns that we should not be unprepared for a tsunami in Auckland. This, you will recall, comes from somebody who spends his spare time arguing that human-assisted climate change is not happening.

Should you not have the patience to read the Prof's warning, I can tell you that the high cost of being unprepared is that the clip-ons on the Harbour Bridge may be damaged, thus leading to traffic chaos. Since traffic chaos occurs on the Harbour Bridge at least twice every day, this seems to be irrelevant. I was hoping for a higher cost, such as the Harbour Bridge collapsing and the North Shore being cut off, thus keeping the ghastlies who live there out of our city for months. Once again, I was disappointed; oh well - back to the demolition guide, then.

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