Monday, March 12, 2012

What does a chap have to do to get a drink around here?

Forms sent with a typed name in the signature box will usually be rejected - they must have the signature of the Staff member(s) responsible, and contact extension number. On the "for and on behalf of" type of signature, if you are signing you are committing someone else to serious responsibilities so please ENSURE THIS IS KNOWN AND UNDERSTOOD! 

Forms should be submitted for single events only. For example, "Friday (staff) drinks" with dates during the next six months will not be approved. Any event which is a "regular" planned event would again normally require consideration of a special licence or a response that regular events should take advantage of licensed premises. Unofficial or official "club"-like activities where it is not the University per se extending reasonable hospitality, will also require special licences. 

A spontaneous informal gathering in a Faculty office for "drinks" should where possible be covered by an approval form. In such circumstances, verbal approval might be requested by calling 87754, and with the form following by fax/scan noting "as approved verbally" for sign off. However in this case, it would become the Faculty/Service Division's responsibility to advise Security immediately. Verbal approvals would be given on very rare occasions, dependent on the Registrar's availability, and may not be given at all!
Gentle readers, let me introduce you to the University of Auckland Alcohol on Campus Approvals Guidelines (PDF), the work of the University's Registrar and General Counsel, and one of the most vigorously punctuated documents in the history of guidelines.  I hope you will understand that the reason why you have not been invited for a spontaneous informal gathering in my office is that  I do not have a fax machine with which to send the form to Security.


Stephen Stratford said...

Astonishing. If I come to visit you and bring a bottle of wine, out of politeness, or a couple of cold ones, we'd have to fill in a form?

Auckland university has changed, and not in a good way. But imagine what it must be like at Victoria. Or Waikato.

Anonymous said...

Somebody do an OIA request for the IRD policy introduced a few years ago :)

Eric Crampton said...

Please don't tell the other universities. When one Uni's administrators come up with something particularly retarded that spoils faculty fun, the others are usually pretty quick to follow suit.

Peter in Dundee said...

It's quite simple to get around. What administration don't know about can't hurt you. So, you just need to keep the noise down, smuggle the booze in (beware clinking bottles) and most importantly: Take Away The Empties and Tidy Up.

Drinks Dean? what drinks?