Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Additional Cables


The Baltimore Sun professes to have discovered that Mrs Charlton who was recently murdered in Italy, was the woman who killed Mrs Woodhilll with a champagne bottle during an orgy in a Maryland bungalow. A Mr Eastman, who owned the house where this latter tragedy occurred, afterwards committed suicide. A photograph of a group taken at the Bungalow clearly shows the face of a woman resembling Mrs Charlton, the woman being then known as Mrs Scott-Castle.

North Otago Times, 26 August 1910, Page 4
Found on Papers Past


Stephen Stratford said...

An orgy in Maryland seems most unlikely in 2013, let alone 1910. Are you sure that the North Otago Times is a reliable witness?

Paul said...

Oh yes. It was a notorious case at the time.