Sunday, July 06, 2014

Hooliganism in the Bays

Numerous complaints have been received by members of the Eastbourne Borough-Council from local residents with regard to hooliganism displayed at Iona Bay and Muritai by week-enders and members of “baches.” For a considerable time the seaside borough has been particularly free from the rowdy element, but this season the evil seems to be returning. The matter was brought up at last night's meeting of the council in a  letter from a resident clergyman, in which complaint was made on behalf of several residents of the noises made during the night by the occupants of whares. Councillors agreed that the nuisance was becoming so serious as to endanger the good name of the suburb, and one particular "bach" was referred to as being a great offender. The letter also called attention to the custom of bathers of walking along the roads wearing nothing but their skin-tight bathing costumes. The council decided to appoint two of its members to approach the inspector of police with a view to obtaining assistance of an extra constable at certain times in order to put a stop to the trouble.

Evening Post, Volume LXXXVI, Issue 93, 16 October 1913, Page 8, via Papers Past

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