Saturday, January 23, 2016

Twitter and bisted

At 9.20 on the morning of  Saturday 16th January, Dr Giovanni Tiso announced to his readers his discovery that I had been tweeting about  Dr Matthew Dentith. Although Dr Tiso is outraged serveral times every day, it is nice to be the subject of his first rage of the morning, and on a Saturday as well.

Of course, Dr Tiso is quite wrong about my purpose. There is nothing nasty about the tweets from Dr Dentith on which I have commented, and they have nothing to do with the Twitterati. I posted them because they are ridiculous, because they amused me. I posted them to mock Dr Dentith, for his pomposity, pretension and paranoia. Dr Dentith, after all, claims to be a public intellectual. As such, he should be subject to public scrutiny.

Of course, the Twitterati are nasty, but that will be the subject of future posts. Dr Dentith tries to be nasty, but he is not very good at it. Take, for example this tweet. It is about me, of course. They so often are. On this occasion, Dr Dentith leapt into a discussion about me that had been orchestrated by Dr Tiso. He had no reason to be part of this conversation: he was not party to the events that caused it, but he was desperate to explain what it is that makes me hold my own opinions, my essential character flaw. He was ignored by the others.

Although he cannot quite manage it online, Dr Dentith was very nasty to me in person, cruel even, for an extended period. This also will be the subject of posts to come. Until then, here is Debsey Wykes again, with Birdie:

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