Sunday, December 02, 2018

Bailey or Not

From the comments

Trevor Barre, two years ago.

WTF is this? Someone who thinks he is a generic Bailey impersonator?  By the way, this is not Derek Bailey playing, as I'm sure you all have realised. Certain stylistic features do not a coherent representation make. Why doesn't the 'author' of this guff make himself transparent. You're not Bailey, mate, so get real.Why have you done this, Mr. Faith-in-Fakes?

Again, Trevor Barre, a year later.

Sorry, I don't want to be too trainspotty, but why no shots of Bailey's face? Having seen Bailey on numerous occasions, I don't think these are his hands. Fingers aren't long enough for a start. More to the point, whoever this is has some of Bailey's more obvious techniques down pat, but he doesn't have the master's grits and gravy. It meanders and has no dynamic. Clever pastiche, however

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