Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Big Mouth Strikes Again

What does this mean?   Self-identified  'mom, author, TV & Radio Host' Laura Ingraham sent a  tweet  on 15th June 2017 that said, 'MSNBC going out of its way to not mention that [James T.] Hodgkinson was a rabid Bernie Sanders supporter.' She was referring to James T. Hodgkinson, the leftish activist who shot at Congressmen practising baseball on the previous day. One Patricia Basile (of West Palm Beach, Florida) retweeted this tweet with the remark,  'See what happens when Democrats run their mouth litterick on our Republican Party Bernie Sanders was our last big mouth out there blame him.' This comment made perfect sense to one Chris Schey, who retweeted it to his followers. Nobody questioned the meaning of Ms Basile's remark.

Until now. Twenty-four hours ago, I sent a tweet to Ms Basile, asking the question that needs to be asked: "What does this mean?" I would like to know why my name was dragged into this controversy. I am not a supporter of the Republicans or the Democrats. I refuse to blame Bernie Sanders or anyone else.

I have yet to receive an answer.

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