Monday, January 20, 2020

Preservation blues

"Wynton Marsalis? I don't know about him, man. But I know he doesn't talk like that when we're alone together. 'Preserve this' and 'preserve that’– the way they're going we'll have blacks back on the plantation. I mean, it already is preserved. Isn't that what records are all about? 
"I just tell people it's like this: I can't wear bell-bottom pants anymore. And I don't drive an Edsel. I drive a Ferrari."

 Mark Rowland, "Miles Davis Is a Living Legend and You're Not,” Musician, May 1987, 90.

Cited in Drifting On A Read: Jazz As A Model For Literary And Theoretical WritingBy James Michael Jarrett. PhD thesis, University Of Florida, 1988, Page 59.

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