Friday, September 12, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner

Remember the Section 59 debate? I know, it seems so long ago but you will remember the photo of the PM and John Key together, after Mr Key had eventually decided that he would support the removal of Section 59 from the Crimes Act, so parents who assaulted their children would no longer have a Get Out of Jail card. Remember Mr Key acting on principle, not for popularity?

Forget that image. In fact, give it to Winston (not Peters; Smith) so he can put it down the memory hole straightaway. It wasn't that way at all. It seems that Mr Key was not acting on principle. In fact, as he told the Family First Forum on the Family (a little alliteration is a dangerous thing), Mr Key supported the Section's removal because "it was clear that Labour was going to force the bill through anyway." Ah yes, that would be it. So what are Mr Key's principles? Answers on a postcard, please, to the usual address.

At least we know that Mr Key will axe the Families Commission and give the money to community groups. At least, we think we do, because he later said he would do no such thing, seeking merely to rebalance the Commission. This is what happens when Mr Key veers away from his written speech. Oh dear.

So (we ask again with a note of despair in our voices) what are Mr Key's principles? It seems he has not seen any evidence that the Crimes Act without Section 59 is not working. However, if the result of the upcoming referendum says that people are against it, he will have to listen. Stuff the little children; its the votes that matter.

And what about the Fundies? Did they not demand a Families Commission? Yes, they did and Peter Dunne got them one. But it was not that kind of Families Commission they wanted. They wanted one that would make lesbians illegal, not one that supports parents. That sort of Families Commission is too PC.

Helpfully, Mr Key understands their concerns. He likes the work of Parents Inc, run by Ian Grant (did I just hear thunder?). Parents Inc is not unlike the Families Commission, except the Commission advocates for families while Parents Inc sells them stuff. And Ian Grant has previously made his opinions known about gays and civil unions, as The Red Queen reports.

No doubt some of the organisations represented at the FFFF will be interested to hear that Mr Key will divert public funds to fundies. Here are those organisations:
Sensible Sentencing Trust, Campaign for our Children, For the Sake of our Children Trust, Viewers for Television Excellence (VOTE), FamilyLife NZ, Focus on the Family, Christian Scholars Network (Otago University), DPYK (Drug Proof Your Kids), Family Life International, Grandparents raising Grandchildren™ Trust, Voice for Life, Family Education, Network,Voice Waikato, Society for Promotion of Community Standards, Family Integrity, Maxim Institute, Right to Life NZ, Prison Fellowship of NZ, Vision Network, HandsOnEqualParent TRUST, Australian Christian Lobby, Voice Hibiscus Coast, GCC Public Affairs Group, Franklin Christian Lobby, Voice Helensville, Courageous Women, Family TV, Homes of Hope, MOPS (NZ) Inc
Some of these names may be familiar. Perhaps Mr Key's true political mentor is the Fundies' Friend, Stephen Harper

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Anonymous said...

No, Stephen, don't eat that kitten!!!
No!!! Oh, the humanity!!!

Craig Y

Dave said...

Paul kindly point out where Key said he would axe the families commission - I`ll give you $100.

Paul said...

Dave, the Dom Post story begins: "A National government will axe the Families Commission and give the savings to community groups, including churches, leader John Key has told a Family First forum." It was written by Colin Espiner and Michael Field, both of whom are respected journalists. They quote Key as saying "I don't think that's working very well. There's a huge amount of bureaucracy, and a ton of money being spent on it. What would you rather do? Pick up that money and give it to NGOs [non-government organisations] or more bureaucrats telling you what constitutes a family in New Zealand? I want to give it to those NGOs," Mr Key said.

That kinda sorta suggests he plans to close down the Commission, doesn't it?