Monday, September 08, 2008

McCain, you've done it again.

Which of us (and I know it is not me) could resist a headline like Heart sisters' Palin song anger? Hapless Hockey Mom Sarah Palin abuses the intellectual property of Ann and Nancy Wilson, the frontsisters of 70s band Heart. And what's more (and the Fundy Post may be the only blog to report this factoid) Heart were a band of Vietnam draft dodgers.

You know, if I wanted to make a blue-collar sitcom or a funny-yet-touching chick-flick, I could not think of a better storyline than that of a Hockey Mom in a small Alaskan town who takes on the good ol' boys and becomes Mayor, then Governor in the next series and then Vice-President, having been picked to run by an amiable but befuddled candidate who probably had someone else in mind. The lead role would be played by Julia Louise Dreyfus. The son who went to I-raq to fight the A-rabs would not come back. The President would not make it through his first term. You know how these things roll.

A few months back, I was talking to [namedrop]John Gray [/namedrop], who thinks McCain will win the election. He may well be right, which means this sitcom plot becomes reality TV. Crikey. Which could mean Maureen Dowd's prediction comes to pass; or that everywoman will be wearing those spectacles; or that Frank Rich's estimation of McCain will prove true. And if all that happens, Obama's mob will have only themselves to blame.

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Lita said...

Obama/Clinton doesn't look so ridiculous now. Damn blimmin hindsight.