Monday, March 23, 2009

The lunch after tomorrow

It gets worse: not only might we witness the end of the world, but we might have to witness it in Britain. This is particularly distressing, given that the British hate immigrants and the food is so awful. On this latter point, a report in the Observer reveals the shocking truth that Britain remains infested with poisonous food and class prejudice.


Peter in Dundee said...

The problem with the Observer piece about childhood obesity is worrying about malnutrition in middle class kids is not borne out by the data*. In fact obese working class kids are a full 1cm shorter on average at 9/10 than obese middle class kids. That is almost certainly due to truly empty calories.

It is also misleading about the GI rating of carbs. Sure in isolation white rice and mashed spud are high GI, but they become medium when eaten with protein. So eat that baked spud with a clear mind, so long as you have some baked beans or cottage cheese on it.

i would have pointed that out but the article did not have comments enabled . . .

It rather smacks of the old 'never mind about the poor, what about our kids!'.

*reference available.

Paul said...

Yes, and thanks for the nutrition advice. Perhaps I am a bit jaded about English snobbery, but I got the impression that the author's chief concern was that nice children would get working class BMIs.

It's the same the whole world over,
oh, ain't it just a shame;
It's the rich wot gets the pleasure, and the poor wot gets the blame.

Uroskin said...

Notwithstanding the overload of British chef Michelin stars, British cuisine, on average, remains an oxymoron