Monday, March 23, 2009

It's that man again

In this globalised world, we are more than ever interconnected, but we are also more uncertain. What were firm boundaries of race, culture and identity are becoming fluid. In such a world the involvement of religion becomes ever more crucial. It can either play a positive role, helping to deepen understanding and working for the common good, or it can be exploited to become destructive, emphasising difference and reinforcing distrust of the “other”.
More blah from Blair, this time in the Staggers, guest edited by Alistair Campbell - the man who said of his government, "we do not do God." To read all of Blair's blatherings, you will have to buy the magazine; but here you can at least enjoy the comments, and the inevitable fur fight.

Cogent commentary on the state of broken Britain can be found by way of The Curmudgeon.

More Mott the Hoople:

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Philip said...

Thanks for the link. It's a sad indication of the state of the country when one tries for splenetic hyperbole and achieves only cogent commentary.

Word Verification: cultsh, a manly but celibate embrace of Rowan Williams' principles on Tony Blair's sofa.