Thursday, March 05, 2009

Your eyebrows may be the best thing in town

In these days, when every Elam gamine wears op shop clothes and plays in a band, it is easy to forget that popular music was different for girls, not so long ago. The function of women was largely decorative. Then along came Dolly Mixture, who posed such questions as How come you're a hit with the boys, Jane? They recorded a Peel session, they made songs like Treasure Hunt. They made an album. And yet, now they are almost forgotten, except by people like Detailed Twang, 200 Troubled Teenagers and by a purple proseur at Mojo. And the women of 80s music who are remembered are the largely decorative ones.

Here is the only footage I could find - Been Teen:


Peter in Dundee said...

"largely decorative"

Was that an Alison Moyet reference? She is firmly ensconced in my iTunes all the way from Yazoo to Voice.

Paul said...

An unconscious one, perhaps. Oddly enough, she was on the radio when I read your comment.