Saturday, March 21, 2009

Suits you, sir

In the absence of anything new on this blog, you may wish to amuse yourself with a Spot the Dandy contest.

Spot Mick Ronson:


Anonymous said...

waitaminute... where the hell is bowie in that video?

he's either so young he's unrecognisable, or that ain't him.

Paul said...

It ain't him. That's Mott the Hoople, with Ian Hunter doing the singing and Spiders of Mars guitarist Mick Ronson. Bowie wrote All the Young Dudes for them, but did not perform it himself until years later.

Gareth said...

Mott were a very grunge band 20 years before grunge, until Bowie got them into the charts. Ian Hunter's book Diary of a Rock'n'roll Star is a classic of sorts.