Friday, June 12, 2009

Moving forward on a new path

Breaking news: Richard Worth has resigned, leaving behind him only a trail of slime. His resignation letter is a masterpiece of rancour: after confirming that he is going because of the allegations against him which are completely untrue, he then contends that he can best serve his country by advancing his business interests.

I look forward to his bankruptcy with unseemly glee. There was a time when politicians caught with a hand in the till or in somebody else's knickers had the decency to resign graciously and without further comment. Worth is not of that age. He is the kind of politician who can see no difference between his own intrests and those of the nation. When caught doing what comes naturally to him, he recoils with spluttering indignation. It is all, of course, a plot against him, the Government and the nation he only wished to serve. However, slings and arrows notwithstanding, he will move forward on a new path, just as a slug does.

We shall see his like again, more's the pity.


Giovanni said...
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Giovanni said...
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Keri h said...

Paul, you are too kind to the slug- ushc as Worth have only one interest in whatever they do - self.

Paul said...

Keri, you cynic, they are helping us all help ourselves, by allowing some of the wealth they create to trickle down to us.

keri h said...

Paul, mmm hmmm.
The trickle still looks like slime-