Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Feed the children

A few weeks ago you would have received an email from Roshan Allpress, asking you to consider financially supporting the Compass Foundation.

We wanted to add our support to that call.

As three people who have been keenly involved in Compass for years, we’re totally committed to its vision and mission. Like many others we’ve been enormously impacted ourselves by the teaching and the community of Compass. And we can see the effect this will have on New Zealand in the years to come.

As Roshan explained, the work of Compass has to date been grown on the back of some very generous, big thinking individuals. It’s time now to share that load and in summary we need to raise just on $4000 in monthly support.

We’ve each signed up for $100 a month along with other generous monthly donors who give between $10 and $80 a month, and wonder if you might join us? Just over 100 giving an average of $35 each would see us there. For some of you $10 will be a sacrifice, whilst others will be able to do more. There are over 600 Compass alumni so if just one in six take up the challenge...

Many thanks for giving this some real thought. We’ll keep you updated on our progress toward that target.

Greg Fleming

Mark Strom

Charles Belcher
Out there living it
Awesome, Charles; being out there, and living it. Shame about the Foundation. It seems the Maxim Institute's devilishly cunning plan to provide the fundy yoof with a worldview has fallen on hard times. Now, I am not one to interfere, but I think they should be looking at staffing: having three full-time staff to run two summer conferences is a little excessive, somewhat like a department store employing Santa all year round.

Maybe they could make themselves useful by checking the writing of their elders and betters: such a sentence as "like many others we’ve been enormously impacted ourselves by the teaching and the community of Compass" never should have been released from captivity.


Vincent Warner said...

"Worldviews are like stories. They have plot-lines, scenes, themes, characters (heroes, bad-guys and extras), and a whole host of other information that helps us work out what meaning and importance the author intended to convey when they chose to retell a particular collection of events. Likewise, it is the themes, plot-lines and other narrative elements that we assume are at work in our lives that serve to give meaning and purpose to the whole of life."

I'm having trouble trying to understand the logic behind the phrase, "worldviews are like stories." Perhaps the staff should do an idiocy check on their site. Oh no, I've found the blog section - there goes the rest of the day.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Well, I did predict that the Christian Right would fall on hard times during the current recession. If I were Compass, I'd trade in on something more sophisticated than their current instruments...

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

They could always take pokie money from the brewers:

The listed grant was $40k (that bit's not there of course)