Thursday, February 11, 2010

In which Douglas Adams invents the iPad

"He is negotiating with computer wizards in California to produce a game called Battle Towels."

"The same computer firm has produced the technology to make a hitch-hiker's guide-come-true. A 15-year project is under way to build a device more or less as Adams describes it. It will be about the size of a book and the user will be able to call up information from any data base in the world - for pleasure or as a tool.

Unlike Adams' model, this device will always tell the truth, either speaking to the user or throwing up a three-dimensional image on a screen.

Adams' role is a sort of stylistic adviser on how people want to receive the information, "but," says Adams, "I'm still not exactly certain what they mean."

Father of Beeblebrox, by Cushla Grace
Skyway (Air New Zealand domestic inflight magazine)
January 1983, pp19-21


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My oh my. Not only have you proven the "xkcd comic for every occasion" hypothesis but revealed an extraordinary coincidence. Or have you uncovered a conspiracy?