Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Modest proposals

One of my favourite ideas was the simple proposal that "Britain should invade Jersey". Now that TV's Bergerac is just a distant memory this policy has become truly popular, not least because Jersey is one of the tax havens that have become the legal pirate coves of the 21st century. The Tax Justice Network (not to be confused with the rightwing Tax Payers' Alliance) estimates the UK loses about £18bn a year in tax revenue due to "corporate tax efficiency" ie companies moving offshore. The Iraq war cost at least £8bn. So war with Jersey would not only be morally right but self-financing too. In fact we could probably do a bond issue for the invasion to pay for everything up front with the promise of a steady yearly return for investors.
Mark Thomas.


Hans Versluys said...

Why not the Isle of Man too, and make sure Jeremy Clarkson (who lives there for tax reasons) gets shot in the crossfire.

Rusty said...

He wouldn't be seen dead driving a Chrysler.