Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another reason to avoid Australia

Another document details the manner in which ‘Illuminati’ children are ‘programmed’ from eight weeks past conception in a document headed ‘Prenatal Primal Dissociation’. The document states that ‘programming’ of a fetus (sic) can commence from eight weeks after conception by exposure to ‘hostile chemicals’ by ingestion by the mother or by injecting it into the amniotic fluid and poking with needles. Under a sub-heading of ‘15 to 20 weeks’ it is noted that experiences such as high voltage shock and injection of hot or cold fluids may overwhelm a foetus and produce the ‘child’s first death/near death experience and the first sense of intense fear or terror’. The document states that ‘The majority of the Illuminati infants go through induced premature birth, from 26 weeks onwards.’
As Bartholomew reports, an outbreak of fuckwittery has occurred in Australia, where this sort of thing is quite common. It might be worth noting that, although this is a mostly Catholic group, they are influenced by Evangelical Protestants, which is ecumenical in a very real sense. It might also be worth noting that these people seem to believe that a fetus of 15 weeks has a psyche. It is all very peculiar.


Peter in Dundee said...

It's not peculiar Paul if you consider that to Catholics especially the soul enters at conception. You don't need a functioning or even formed nervous system if you have a soul. What is weird is that they think us Illuminati are as ignorant and misinformed as they are. My Illuminatus offspring were stressed in the third trimester when they had formed nervous systems.

The eldest demonstrated typical Illuminati perversity by being late. Either that or the choice of a birthday on xmas eve and New Years Eve was a no brainer. Bacchanalia rules OK ;-)

BTW I have no fear of outing myself as an Illuminatus, my status was obvious when I became a scientist. After dodging animal rights loony bombs, the rabid Catholics and Dan Brown acolytes are easy to deal with. Bwaaahaaaaa!

KERI h said...

Yo Peter!
That is the best response I've ever read to nutters!
And thank you Paul!
I enjoy your informed acerbism.
O - wait a mo' - Peter n Paul - same sentence?

We are all doomed!

Peter in Dundee said...

Keri thanks for the kind words. But Paul and I may not be doomed, all we need do is find a Mary and all shall be well, and harmonious.

Heather said...

Peter Paul & Keri. FTW

Anonymous said...

It's the heat. It drives the little beggars bonkers. And Aussie blokes are insanely jealous of Kiwis for being (...) better endowed (...) than they are :)

Craig Y